Our heating system is completely converted to geothermal energy. 3 heat pumps are supplied with heat that we get from the earth. These five holes were drilled each in 140 meters depth through the hardest granite. The geothermal heat blow there is as at about 12 degrees celsius. From this temparature our heat pumps draw out the heat and produce radiator heating and hot water. We save about 2/3 of primary energy. The investment costs of about € 100.000, – pay for themselfes in about 15 years. Our contribution to the environment makes a saving of 16.9 tonnes of CO2 annually.

“We do not heat the earth, we cool it off”!

Since there are only a very few days in the summer in Passau hot enough, that air conditioning is not deemed to be necessary. An air conditioner is actually in very little demand throughout the year.